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Andrew Kordampalos

I am a Software engineer specialising in modular and scalable web applications.

I have been creating web and mobile applications for the last 10+ years focusing on usability, performance and high-end User Experience. I had the honour of working with startups and agile teams on purely tech products and co-founding my own companies.

I'm currently revolutionizing the remote work world as a:
UI Engineer at Vowel.

Selected work & products:

Full-stack Engineer & Designer

Neximus is a shipping company specialising in spare parts trading. To process all the incoming enquiries I created a React web application running on express.js with a Rest API that communicates with many third-party APIs and utilising Machine Learning. I was also responsible for the design of the User Interface and the product identity.

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Front-end Engineer & Designer

Reppublika is an All-in-one analytics tools for publishers and agencies in the marketing sector. It's the leading online panel/platform in Austria and most promising product of its industry. I was responsible for the product design from the ground up and the front-end implementation. It uses Laravel 5.6 and a lot of javascript.

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Lead Designer & Front-end Engineer

Nimber is a social delivery service that connects people who want to send something, with people going that way anyway. As one of the first team members, I built the web application from scratch using Ruby on Rails and redesigned the look and feel with an entirely new UX across all platforms (Web, iOS, Android).

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Co-founder & Front-end designer

Tudu is a calendar app that lets you find common free time with your friends. I was a co-founder, and I was responsible for the design and development of the web application.

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Lead designer

Peopleperhour is a marketplace for freelancers. During my stay we utilised the existing design system, to create a unified experience across all platforms.

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Open source projects:

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